Eating & Weight Dysphoria Program

Do you find that it is difficult to control your weight and eating? Have you tried countless diet and exercise programs only to find yourself back where you began? If so, we are here to help, and we take a unique approach. This problem is much more common than most clients realize, and we understand how alone you may feel in your struggle. Unlike the cookie cutter "diet" approach, at Whole, we view this issue as behavioral, physiological, and emotional, and we treat it as such.

Whether you have struggled for years or are just not feeling yourself health wise, Patricia Petrone, LMHC specializes in creating an individualized, research based plan to help you find your way back to health, or to reach a place you have never been before. Food addiction is an ever growing problem in the United States, and many don't even realize they are experiencing this issue. 


-We explore every possible avenue to get to the core of the issue - is there something medical going on?

-We use a combination of psychoeducation, person centered therapy, and nutritional guidance to help shape a total lifestyle change, not a quick fix crash diet.

-We create an individualized plan tailored to you and your own personal goals; food allergies or dietary preferences are worked around!

-We utilize only the most up to date, empirically sound research to support our plans.

-We aim to educate you so that you are able to navigate the incredibly complex landscape of information that exists regarding food and weight for a lifetime.

-We provide email support to help answer your questions outside of session.

-Group sessions are available for an added element of support, accountability, and mentoring. 

-We help you make changes slowly and steadily so that you can maintain new habits and your body and mind can adjust properly.

What will eating be like?

At Whole, our priority is creating a lifestyle for you that is manageable, sustainable, and helps you to meet your goals. A staggering 99% of "diets" fail once pursued, and we believe it is partially due to the fact that they simply do not fit into the average American's busy lifestyle. We have created a program that countless clients have found to be sustainable long term. 

-No counting calories, measuring portions, or agonizing over number of meals per day.

-No food, supplements, or shakes to purchase

-A strong focus on bringing you back to intuitive eating and healing your bodies natural hunger and satiation signals

-Gain insight about the emotional triggers that contribute to your eating struggles

-Utilizes a whole food eating blueprint, emphasizing preparation, useful products, and items that we consider "empty" foods.

-Learn how to cope with cravings for empty foods

-Simplicity is emphasized and time saving food recommendations are provided

-Learn how to eat well on a budget

-Discover ways to navigate your lifestyle change within your family system

-Work through self esteem issues, and grow in your assertiveness

-Finally understand how to experience an empty food without reverting back to old behavior, bingeing, or feeling as if you've failed! 


The good news is, we are incredibly passionate about building awareness of this issue as a therapeutic one. For that reason, costs to enter the program at this time are no different than seeing us for standard sessions. We may also tailor session frequency according to client finances if needed.  Clients may be eligible for insurance reimbursement, depending upon provider. 

*Note: For those outside of the Monroe County, NY area, this program is available fully online! Inquire for information.


Become healthy physically & emotionally!