Courney O'Hara, B.A. - Art Therapy

Courtney is an advocate for the healing powers of art and creative processes. with a B.A. in Art Therapy and her love and respect for the healing aspects of art, she is driven to use, share, teach, and promote the importance of creative outlets in therapeutic settings and situations. Art is not easy for most, often times we let our imagination drift to the wayside as we deal with the stressors of everyday life; but, when opening our creative channels, beautiful things begin to happen. Courtney enjoys using art in combination with mindfulness and relaxation as it allows her and others to communicate through visual images when words are too difficult to find or say. She has been educated through the foundations of fine art at Mercyhurst University. She has experience working with clients that have experienced significant trauma, and also treats children.

 “Through my personal struggles I began to discover the power of creation. It is a liberating feeling to be able to successfully express those emotions, thoughts, and feelings that once felt like a burden. Art has helped me find my own voice and together we can discover and enhance yours too!”

As you work with Courtney, you can look forward to exploring your authentic emotions through metaphorical directives with the use of painting, drawing, and sculpture.