Life Coaching

Life coaching versus therapy; which is right for me? 

At Whole, we offer both traditional therapy, as well as life coaching packages. Many are unaware of what the difference is between the two, and it is important to choose a path that's in line with your needs. 

Therapy: A process of personal wellness exploration that helps you improve mental health symptoms and gain insight around their origins, learn coping tools, formulate and execute many types of goals, and achieve overall happiness, growth, enlightenment & wellbeing. Performed only by a licensed psychotherapist, may be introspective and existential in nature. Individuals who choose therapy are sometimes (but not always) in a place of dysfunction in their lives. A healthy therapeutic process is typically no shorter than three months, and can last a lifetime, depending on client preference and clinician observation. Due to this, it is often lower in price than coaching. Individuals, families, couples, and groups are treated. At Whole, therapy is always solution focused.

Life Coaching: A process of collaborative work between two peers; coach & client, which entails formulating concise life goals and a concrete plan for achievement of goals or specific problem solving, as well as building motivation and drive through concrete positive techniques. May be performed by a certified coach or a licensed psychotherapist, life coaching is often rooted in the present and more advice oriented than traditional therapy. Life coaching utilizes the creativity, talent, and knowledge that the client already possesses to enrich the journey to achievement and does not assume pathology. Often life coaching is a good fit for clients that are not experiencing a great deal of mental health symptoms or dysfunction, and are already at a high functioning base line. Life coaching is often a shorter process than therapy, with problems being solved on an as needed basis according to client preference. Life coaching works well for individuals and groups. 


Life Coaching Packages - invest in yourself, invest in your FUTURe

"Individual a la carte sessions"- 60 minutes, as needed, pay per visit. $135

"Four Week Fix" - Concise problem solving & decision making, four 60 minute sessions. Consecutive, Weekly. $500

"Make a Change, Meet a Goal" - Plan, implement, & meet your goal, create lasting change. Eight 60 minutes sessions, Consecutive, Weekly or Biweekly. $880

"180 Degrees" - Impeccably plan and execute several goals, solve existing problems, address barriers, maintain motivation long term, achieve beyond your wildest dreams. Fifteen 60 minutes sessions, Consecutive, Weekly or Biweekly. $1575

"Post Package Maintenance" - For those who have completed a package previously, intermittent motivation, accountability & upkeep of changes. 60 minutes, As needed. $95 

"10 a la carte sessions" - Do not need to be consecutive, used as needed, lower session cost - $1000